We are on a mission to provide a thrilling solution to artists so that their music can be reached to people through the best outlets. If you are an independent artist or record label, Tunecat allows you to reach your destined career.

Artists keep 100% of their royalty 
1. Single costs 15 usd
2. EP costs 20 usd
3. Album costs 30 usd

Once your release has been approved, your earning will start counting. You will receive your payment 45 days after the end of the month. For example; if your music is released on November, your amount will be received before 15th of January depending on the streams and downloads.

Currently, Tunecat has only two options for artist to accept payments; Paypal and Bank Transfer.

Firstly, when your release is being checked it can take approximately 72 hours to be approved if there is no traffic.
Our company services will have their own checking process and normally takes 1 day to 2 weeks. The fewer problems on upload, the quicker the distribution.

It is advisable to send your audio immediately after completion from an accurate studio so that it will be fast to get on air for streams and downloads.

Depends on your currency. Since we are using Paypal, it makes it easier for artists to transfer the money into any currency.

MP3 – 44100hz
Sample rate -320 kbps
Flac- 44100hz
Cover Art
3000 x3000 pixels exactly
.jpeg or .jpg.

Tunecat was founded by Vincent McCarthy