Why Tunecat?

There are many reasons to choose Tunecat.

We pride ourselves on giving you the best deal. Our distribution plans have been created for you. We work hard to make sure you get more but pay less. We take the time to know our artist and serve them. We are pleased to let you know we are working hard to help you achieve more and make right choices for your careers. 

Customer Care

We pride ourselves on our customer care and support. Our phone lines are always open. 24/7 email support. So, we are never 
too far to lend support to any problem or concern.

Store Coverage

Tunecat is eligible to upload your music to all the top digital outlets covering well over 90% of the digital music market.

Guides and Supports

We offer assistance and styling guides to help ensure the quality of your release. We also provide gigs for you.

Helping You Achieve More

Our website is constantly on a look out for new and existing opportunities to help artist distribute, sell and promote music.

About Us

Tunecat is a new music website. We are on a mission to bring light to up and coming artists
who find it difficult to show case their talent to the world and help them reach fans
who are willing to support them.

As a new music website we work for you. We are committed to serving you.
We will make Tunecat the best and pleasing company where you can find ease and hype your music vibe.

Trust us, we offer unlimited access to our online portal, providing real time worldwide sales
and streaming data from our partners.